Optimising the use of a skylight during the winter time

Skylights are a fantastic way to add natural light to your home, create the illusion of a bigger room and it also adds style too. Most people think of skylights as a seasonal asset to a home and believe they only provide benefits during the summer months of the year, but that is certainly not the case.

Skylights have a variety of benefits all year round, including the wintertime. Skylights add a light entry to your home, and in the duller days, some added light will still enter your home. With the option to open and close the skylight fully, you may also have the option of opening a vent. Opening a skylight vent is a great way to circulate fresh air into the home without causes much change to the internal environment.

Skylights are great for insulating a home, and with fitted blinds added, you can close the blind early in the day to help keep the warmth within the home.