Door types for conservatories

Conservatories are a great feature of a home, with a variety of styles and designs to choose from, you may be asking yourself; Which type of door your conservatory should have? There are many types of doors that are used for a conservatory, the main options are patio doors, French doors and bi-fold doors.

French doors are definitely the elegant choice, with multiple styles, they can suit many conservatory designs. The two windowed doors allow for an adequate amount of light entry, and when open can let the fresh air enter the room.

Bi-fold doors are stylish but require the right type of conservatory. The tall full-length windows let a good amount of sunlight into the conservatory, whilst the doors can be opened to create an outside open feel. They do require a larger space to allow for the doors to open fully.

Patio doors as a simple yet practical option for the smaller conservatories, one door slides open across in front of the next. This opening is slightly smaller than the other two styles, but furniture could be placed in front of the static door without causing an obstruction.