Brightening up your conservatory

Brightening up a conservatory can be pretty essential, especially if yours has become a rather dark and gloomy space.

Removing unnecessary clutter which blocks the light coming in from the garden windows is a good place to start. Any hefty pieces of furniture that you’re not really using such as bookcases, wardrobes, drawers or dining tables should be removed, and in doing so you will allow more light to come through. Following this, you can also paint your walls white or choose a light shade of wallpaper. This allows the light to bounce and spread from wall to wall, creating a more tranquil and tidy environment. Cleaning your windows and rooflights will also ensure more light reaches the room, and you’ll be surprised at how much darker a conservatory can look and feel if the windows and doors have not been cleaned in some time. Be sure to brighten up your conservatory this spring if it’s starting to feel a little bit miserable inside!